Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Inserting puppy dog eyes here

So. It's been a while. (Shall not bore you with my violin playing in the background excuses:)

Things are-a-changin' over here again, in our little house. Lots of gardening and chook shed preparing (dubbed Kentucky Manor) and plant planting. Veggie gardens half prepared, trees cut down, little pathways leading to nowhere in planning stages and generally making it a more user friendly backyard (the dreaded blackberry bush took over), and whilst the fruit of the blackberry is so yummy, the thorn laden plant had to be controlled. And by jingo, I did it! Just call me the terminator (of the blackberry variety). I'm thinking of borrowing a goat to clean up the cuttings.

Anybody got a goat I can borrow?
Goat 1:Slight underbite. Jealous of goat 3.
Goat 2: How you doin'?
Goat 3: An orthodontists, dream patient. Feels sorry for goat 1.

new blossoms

an existing out building, underway to becoming the chook shed

Love my random plants

new growth  on my naked trees

I have this beautiful camellia bush that is at least 40 years old and is thriving (thank you sceptic line) but it is totally in the wrong spot. I feel so bad to cut it down, but I have so many beautiful trees and other Camellia bushes in the rest of the yard, will I miss it that much?
its beautiful. but blocks off a lot of the garden. any thoughts?

Curious Bazaar also partook in a lovely little market in Somers, Victoria. Although the weather was a little wet, we had a great day and saw some lovely stalls.

Shop stock has also been in the making- amongst the general mundane things around this house like cooking, cleaning, work, gardening, pretending to be normal and not a loony wife and mother who has no idea what she's doing through 88% of her day and hoping that she gets a light bulb moment during that 12% of her day, so that she can make that 88% a smaller number. Phew.

I have been reading this book, for baby owl. Whilst I am not home schooling at this point in time, I try to do as much as I can, in that 12% of course.

great ideas

So. I will share more of what I can when I can (that's not committing to anything at all really).

Enjoy the week!

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picklepuss said...

Goat #1 is actually a llama. Or maybe an alpaca.