Wednesday, 18 July 2012

In case you need a case.

Things have been scary around here for some people.

I've had to move, sort and relocate things to fit 7 amazing cases, given to me (also filled with fabric, old dress patterns, paint, children's toys and books) to look through and sort.

The cases range in age, with the oldest probably being 70 years old, and the youngest being 50 years old. Most of  them came en route from England, and they still have their destination stickers (partially attached).

It was such a waste to see them, a part of history, thrown out or destroyed, and I thought they would provide valued storage in my little house on the hill.

Here are some of them:
The bottom case managed to fit my fabric stash
This is my new bedside table/blanket box

This old metal and wood trunk stores my broken sewing machine (not a happy thought) lots of wool (definitely a happy thought) and general haberdashery necessities.

These two suitcases (not the cats water bowl to the left) stores kiddo things. The bottom suitcase  has some kiddo toys including some great old metal cars and trucks, building blocks and a remote control transformer with a microphone from the 80's (Mr Owl was most impressed). The top case stores all things crafty for kids, including empty alfoil rolls, Styrofoam balls (yes, I'm hoping no child attempts to break these in pieces), fluffy balls (I don't feel I need to explain what these are) icy pole sticks, and anything else you could make stuff out of.

Some of the dress patterns were great! And I can't wait to make something with them.

It has been a long week, sorting all of it out. But now that we are at the tail end, its starting to feel like things have been accomplished. It has been good sorting through things, because I have a fantastic market booked, with my market buddies, in less than a month. Gotta get cracking!

Happy Wednesday

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