Sunday, 15 April 2012

Learning to paint.

I've been learning how to paint with Resin. Resin can be a difficult substance to work with due to its temperamental attitude and stubborn ways. But its unpredictability and the inability to control it makes it that much more exciting. The pieces are usually quite abstract- making formal shapes is very difficult and you can't plan exactly how the piece will turn out- its all controlled by the fluidity of the resin. Here are some pictures of experimental pieces from myself and other first timers:

Excuse the flash from my phone.

flash. sorry.

Flashed you. Excuse me.

No matter how hard you try, you will never be able to reproduce the same picture- this is what makes it amazing. Also, the picture transforms in front of you- and you have little influence over it- good therapy for control freaks I guess.

A lot of the abstract images, remind me of underwater themes, or world maps taken from space. Sometimes you can see faces, or a landscape or animals. It looks amazing in real life, and these photos do not do it justice.

These are some canvas works from famous artist Claire Layman...they are so much more amazing in real life!

 I seem to be doing things that are not good around children. I have 3 children.

I am truly amazed by this new found art form. And you can be sure, no matter how much i suck at it, that this Kooky Green Owl is going to give it a red hot go! :)


p.s. I have lots of little squares, going on in this post. If you can see them, you are an amzing, awesome person.

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