Thursday, 12 April 2012


Lets start with the washing pile:

TO BE FOLDED. Mamma mia

Moving on to the children:

Toot toot

Curling hair

Making a new dress:

Admiring another dress although my hand was twitching for the credit card:
Green Bow? Yes please

Punching holes in brass for jewellery:
Looks like I uses a machine gun

The Kooky Green Owl was also very privileged to be included in a new shop launch. FRIDA. was launched on the 11th April at 25 Woods Street Beaconsfield. Labels in store include Douglas & Hope, Mad Love, Living Doll, Homeworks Design and many other designers. FRIDA. features an eclectic mix of accessories, housewares and collectibles. Pictures to come.

I hope you are enjoying your week. I know I am:)

1 comment:

simona said...

the laundry pile looks quite familiar... you didn't by any chance stop by my house to take the picture, did you?! ;)
congrats on being included in the new shop!