Sunday, 4 March 2012

Updating an old piece of furniture

It has been nothing but rain, rain and rain down these parts lately. The ground is so water logged, the rain water just seems to be sitting on the top- nowhere to go.....which is awesome for children and puppies who like to bring the outside, inside......... But, nothing a mop can't fix I guess!....and poor Lola has been neglected due to the weather...

So if you love old furniture and hate seeing an original piece be massacred LOOK AWAY NOW.

I have been rearranging the owlette's rooms, trying to reorganise and get ready for a one weekend makeover. Its kind of a surprise for the two older ones, who share a room, and so I've dragged all the toys out, pulled all the books off the bookcase in readiness for the upcoming weekend. We have arranged the children to be away with extended family that day, so me and Mr Owl can get down low, and go go GO!

Baby Owl has her own room at the moment. So I just rearranged her room and moved some furniture around. I've had this old piece for quite some time:

And decided to give it a minor colour uplift for the baby owl. I love it as it is, but it is probably a bit too "heavy"for a child and needed a little bit of oomph for baby Owl.

So I got some wonder colourful paper- scrapbookers paper, some mod podge and away I went. I'm not a scrapbooker but I've always admired the beautiful paper you can buy. It didn't take long.
I probably will do something about those door handles though

They are all overlapping as I didn't want it to look too perfect. And if I decide to go back to its original state one day, I'm sure it won't take long to take off.

I hope everybody has a lovely week.


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Claire said...

Fab idea with the papers.........adds a great splash of colour and gives the cupboard a lift.

As you say, it will be easy to return it to it's original state if you want too.

I think I've grown webbed feet this week we've had just under 300mls of rain, but today there was sunshine and blue sky, yay.

Claire :}