Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Hanging out in thought land.

Hi everybody!

I've had a cluttered brain lately so I decided to declutter the house hoping it would help. And it did!

Besides rearranging furniture, taking several trips to Ikea, deciding what things to discard, stubbing my toe on at least 3 occasions, eating way too much lime slice and making new jewellery, not much else has happened.

However I did find a genuine 60's Parker table with four chairs in perfect condition for next to nothing. The Owl scored!
Mid sort. Thank you Ikea for my Billy (budget) bookcases

And, I also rearranged one of the rooms that two little owls share....things are a little more organised now- hopefully we will never find socks hanging on hangers again (I'm not sure who did that)

rearranging the desk

We did have a lovely anniversary, in which Mr Owl and I celebrated our 12th year of him hanging around....he's still hanging around and I think he likes me:) We had the pleasure of going to a Beethoven Violin Concerto at the Melbourne Recital centre and it was so inspiring- although, it did point out to me how much work I have to do to actually play 1/10 of what those violinists achieve.

Backpack Cello's? Australia says yes!
He surprised me and bought me a lovely new lens for my camera- it is giving me much joy and I of course bought him his smiley puppy (a while ago) and a man lunch box (those ones with the thermos attatched to a box?) considering that he has been making his lunches in attempt to become a little more healthy.

The dog got hold of my boy's favourite sleeping toy....

Super boy with an Adductor strain (tear in the groin muscle)

I guess the toy of steel really wasn't. No good for PR.

I am busily planning my next market- and I have not stock left so the next couple of week are going to be intense- but good.

Butterfly pendant with glass resin dome and vintage image

My crochet hook has also been working- and I have been making a snood! I hope you all know what it is:)

I'm in the mood. The mood for a snood (if you're American)...otherwise, if you are English or Australian
I like hoods, and I like snoods:)

Have a lovely week everyone


Claire said...

Oh Super boy I feel your pain........

Congrats on 12 years of hanging out together and good to hear the decluttering helped on a couple of different levels.

I love snoods.........wanted to wear one when I got married many years ago, but it would've been a bit too 'unusual' back in the 80's

All the best with the restocking for the next market, I am pretty much doing the same this week.

Claire :]

Muddle Puddle said...

SUPER organizational skills Mrs Owl, looks fantastic! I love your new table, its gorgeous, I have a very old Tessa Swedish line lounge that I would dearly love to have refurbished, know anyone? Happy Anniversary to you both too!