Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Inspiring Inspiration

Hello blog readers!

Happy Thursday to all- I hope it's a good one for me. (truth be known- Thursdays are never kind to me) Whilst I scratch my watch and wind my derriere, I thought a little inspiration from here would help. Feast your eyes on some home eye candy:
I really love the green and black contrast!! so pretty (and hides the dirt too)

So, this would never work with 3 active kiddies, but I still love how clean it is

Cute colours, cute furniture- its just so darn cute!

I LOVE how crazy busy this room is! and the happy happy joy joy colours

oh dear. I need to turn one of my old suitcases into a side table RIGHT NOW!..... seriously

 Thank you so much for looking- I will have a dress makeover post coming very soon:)

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